How do I organize my campus or district improvement process?

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There are many benefits to effective district and school improvement planning — but in order to achieve positive results for your school, district, or Local Education Agency (LEA), you must first develop a clear and well-organized process. One of the easiest ways to organize your Comprehensive Needs Assessment (CNA) process is to create an annual District/school Improvement Planning Timeline that lists key tasks, along with dates for completion throughout the year.

This Free School Improvement Planning Organizer is an easy-to-use downloadable resource that you can use to create your own school, district, or LEA plan. It includes timelines for school and LEA/district improvement planning, with tasks organized by month from July to June. Every state and LEA is different, so this calendar may be edited to meet your local requirements.

How it Works:
The CNA process begins before the start of the new school year and continues until just after the end of the school year. Early tasks include scheduling committee meetings for the year, reviewing your mission and vision, and developing your School Improvement Plan (SIP) or District Improvement Plan (DIP) based on your CNA. Throughout the year, you will monitor progress toward achieving improvement goals and performance objectives, and adjust strategies as needed. Gathering feedback and reporting results is another important part of the process. Toward the end of the school year, you will complete formative and summative reviews, and conduct a new CNA and CIP/DIP for the upcoming school year that is aligned with the proposed budget. Each step in the process requires approvals by committee meetings and district or school leadership. While there are many steps to complete, the process is much easier when you have a clear calendar and timeline to follow. Following a schedule helps spread tasks out throughout the year, and helps to ensure you won’t forget things that need to be done at certain times of the year.

How to Adapt this Resource to Your District or School Calendar:
To get started, first download our free improvement planning timelineThen, adapt it to meet your needs by working around key dates for your school or district:

      1. First, set the date when your district or LEA will start the new CNA cycle.
      2. Next, set the date plans are due to the School Board.
      3. Then, edit the timeline to ensure tasks align with your calendar.
      4. The LEA/district’s cycle of events may or may not parallel the school. Each calendar
      5. will be unique to the district/LEA, so the sample calendar is revisable to fit your district
        and school needs.

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