806 Technologies Announces Inaugural 806 Learning Summit

806 Technologies is excited to announce our first annual 806 Learning Summit this June 8-10, 2023 at the Omni Frisco Hotel. Our theme this year is “Connecting the Dots”.

“Districts are heading not toward a ‘new normal’ but rather a ‘no normal’ – an environment of uncertainty and ambiguity that requires continuous flexibility, innovation, and investment,” said Ross Laughter, CEO of 806 Technologies. “Data, analytics, and technology are now vital to education strategy.”


Through the 806 Learning Summit, 806 Technologies will address the most significant challenges that education leaders face as they build innovative and adaptable schools of the future.


Attendees of this event can expect the following outcomes:


  • Connect the dots between data and organizational decision making
  • Deliver continued value to students with strategies backed by analytics
  • Harness the incredible power of people, strategy, and technology
  • Transform uncertainty into opportunity with powerful tools that drive innovation
  • Deepen your learning and support your leadership journey
  • Connect with your peers and build your community


This 2023 event will feature 4 tracks that cover cutting-edge approaches to Transformational Leadership, Mental Health & Wellness, Continuous Improvement, Instructional Leadership, in addition to other education-related breakout sessions. 


Dynamic keynote speakers for this event include:

  • Hamish Brewer – Speaker, Best-Selling Author, Transformational Change Catalyst and Business Consultant
  • Charles Dupre – Deputy Executive Director, Member Engagement and Support, Texas Association of School Administrators
  • Lesli Laughter – Chief Academic Officer, 806 Technologies


Don’t miss your opportunity to join your fellow education leaders nationwide for this impactful event. To register for this inaugural event, click here.

806 Learning Summit

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