806 Technologies Places as Finalist in 4 Categories for The EdTech Awards 2022

Celebrating its 12th year, the US-based program is the largest recognition program in all of education technology, recognizing the biggest names in edtech – and those who soon will be.

“As events unfold on the world stage that seem to inch ever closer to a precipice unknown, we are reminded that the leaders and innovators of education technology have always worked on the edge” said Victor Rivero, who as Editor-in-Chief of EdTech Digest, oversees the program.

“The future-focused work they do is inspired by the infinite potential of all people to learn and thrive. It’s pushed forward by the human spirit. It’s the light that even through the darkest times always shines through,” Rivero said.

This year’s finalists and winners were narrowed from the larger field and judged based on various criteria, including: pedagogical workability, efficacy and results, support, clarity, value and potential.

“806 Technologies is not just about technology. It’s about helping schools transform. With innovation inside our schools, we can directly impact student outcomes. We are a service and support organization that happens to make software,” said Ross Laughter, CEO of 806 Technologies.

806 Technologies placed as finalist in the following categories:

  • The EdTech Cool Tech Awards
    • Category: Administrative Solution




806 Technologies is an education software company dedicated to creating a world of innovative schools by streamlining administrative paperwork. 806 Technologies offers LEA administrators a full suite of software solutions, including Plan4Learning, Title1Crate, SCE Crate, SpEd Crate, and Safety Crate. Our educators provide professional learning on improvement planning and strategic planning to free up more time in administrators’ days so that they can get back to focusing on what matters most – their students.


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