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Making SPED Compliance Convenient.

SPED Crate organizes & automates critical processes for SPED programs across all district campuses, making individualized education possible.

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  • Central Repository For Policies & Procedures
  • Document Hub For Diagnostics, Templates, and Forms
  • Display Important Calendars & Deadlines
  • Best Practices For Behavior Intervention

SPED Documentation, Simplified

SPED poses unique challenges for programs directors. Rather than being a simple, singularly-focused program, SPED requires administrators to coordinate services and programs, monitor regulations, plan budgets, monitor costs, maintain inventories, verify services billed by outside providers and so much more. With the importance of implementing specific individualized education program (IEP) services, there needs to be a more streamlined way for educators to manage this critical program.

SPED Crate was introduced to provide the solution. A tool created by educators for educators, SPED Crate was designed to eliminate the laborious, error-prone paperwork processes.

Though a single platform, you can easily manage everything from policies & procedures to master schedules to district-wide IEP documentation. By making SPED compliance work for you, we’re creating more hours in the day for you to focus on student success.

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What People Say

Your company has provided the best and most responsive support of any other educational software I have purchased. Kudos to you and your team!"

Jaqueline Shuman, Ed.D.

Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum & Instruction, Santa Fe ISD

We have been extremely pleased with Plan4Learning, Title1Crate, and the overall interaction and support from 806 Technologies. Initially, we were anxious about the transition all 68 campuses to this new platform, but 806 Technologies provided support each step of the way resulting in a positive, successful district-wide implementation. The services provided from 806 Technologies have provided significant value to our district improvement efforts."a

Gary Nye, Ed.D.

Director of Assessment and Accountability, Frisco ISD

You provide the most amazing support system that I have ever experienced. You not only meet, you exceed all our expectations."

Anita Danaher, Ed.D.

Assistant Superintendent, Calallen ISD

Here To Help You Manage
Individualized Education

806 Technologies was founded to be an asset to passionate educators across the country. From the tools we create to the strategic support we provide, we’re here to help you succeed.

Beyond providing platform support for SPED Crate, as long as you’re our customer, our team of experienced educators and administrators is at your disposal to help you make the most of both your new software platform and the SPED program it helps support.

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Our Problem-Solving Process

With over 40,000 administrators across the country utilizing our solutions every day, we've been able to fine-tune our problem-solving process to a point of mastery. It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3!

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We learn about you and your schools before anything else. It’s about putting why before what.

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Once we truly understand what you need to succeed, our team creates your unique solution.

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We know the support you need doesn’t end after training. We’re by your side every step of the way from here.

CompEd Crate Professional Development

806 Technologies is made up of experienced principals and federal programs directors excited to see districts get the most out of their programs. From customizing CompEd Crate to meet your unique needs to helping you develop strategies to get the most out of this solution, our team can’t wait to develop & implement your CompEd Crate.


Our on-site or webinar professional development options include:


District Master Crate Set-Up Webinar


Continued Support Webinar For Campus & District Users