How to Strengthen Your CNA Process

Have you been completing Needs Assessments for years without seeing much benefit? When analyzing data, are you the only one who seems interested? Do you struggle with recruiting parents and helping them understand how valuable their participation is? If these questions have ever crossed your mind, this training is for you!

What is How to Strengthen Your CNA Process?

How to Strengthen Your CNA Process is a 3-hour session designed for each principal to bring data and 4-6 school leaders to review the CNA for the new school year. Often it’s beneficial to begin the CNA revision with a small team of representatives from the site-based committee. The trainer will facilitate processes so that the principal and team members can analyze their school’s data. 

The team will identify strengths, priority needs, and revise the summary for each are of the CNA. They will examine timelines and determine if any additional dates are needed to examine new data as it becomes available. The team will also create plans for presenting the data to the entire site-based committee and determine how to communicate with the faculty and staff. At the end of the session, the draft CNA should be ready, or nearly ready, to take back to the entire site-based committee for review and approval. 

Why Strengthen Your CNA Process?

Does your LEA have an effective planning process in place? The CNA is the foundation for building strong plans that focus on high priority needs and not just compliance. This training can provide your school with the tools and knowledge you need to build effective plans for student growth at the LEA and campus levels.

What will I learn in Strengthen Your CNA Process?

  • How to select, train, and organize the data team
  • How to implement a sustainable process to manage data analytics throughout the year
  • How to know what data to analyze
  • How to identify strengths and needs while focusing on the mission critical root cause of a problem
  • How to determine and prioritize the needs that will make the most significant impact on student achievement

Who is Strengthen Your CNA Process for?

  • District and campus-level administrators involved in planning
  • Principals
  • Assistant principals
  • Teacher leaders


  • Mark Hailey –, 806-331-6160 x 3

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