• Easy Online Incident Reporting

    Our web-based system allows students, educators and administrators to easilyreport incidents online, from any computer or mobile device with an Internet connection.

  • Central Point for Reporting and Tracking Incidents

    Identify, track, prevent, and make plans to eliminate bullying incidents - all in one place.

  • 24/7 Accessibility

    Incident Reporter is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • Support for Uploading Photo or Video Evidence

    Photos and videos may be uploaded via mobile device or computer.

  • Automatic E-mail Notifications

    Administrators are immediately notified via E-mail when incidents are logged, and follow-up actions are taken.

  • Built-in Tracking for Follow-Up Actions

    Follow-up actions, such as notifying parents, investigating incidents, and changing student schedules, can be logged and tracked for each incident.

  • Incident Linking Capability

    Identify and respond to behavioral patterns and ongoing problems by linking related incidents.

  • Digital "Paper Trail" for Bullying Incidents

    Incident Reporter tracks all actions related to reported incidents, creating a reliable permanent record for your campus or district.Incidents are never deleted from the system.

  • Built-in Analytics, with Multiple Reports for Administrators and Districts

    Submitting Civil Rights Data Collection (CRDC) Reports is simpler with Incident Reporter. Built-in analytics make it easy to break down incidents by gender, ethnicity, special education status, and other required data points, and create separate reports as needed.

  • Legal Compliance Standards Developed by Underwood Law Firm

    Ensure 100% compliance with Texas state law and standard district policies when you use Incident Reporter's built-in legal "wizards" to report, investigate, track and follow up on each incident. Our investigation procedures and forms were specially developed in partnership with Underwood Law Firm.

  • Identify "Hot Spots" on campus.

    Use Incident Reporter's analytics to identify hot spots where bullying incidents frequently occur - such as the band hall, bus stop, or field house. Then, take reasonable actions, such as placing a staff member on-site, to prevent future problems

  • Identify Repeat Offenders and Victims.

    Easily track repeat incidents to determine which students are causing recurring problems through bullying, and develop a behavioral plan. You can also track which students are being victimized the most, and ensure these students are getting the support and protection they need.

  • Confidential Reporting

    Each report is kept strictly confidential, ensuring students feel safe when reporting incidents. Students may provide names, or report anonymously.

  • Onsite Training Available

    If needed, 806 Technologies can conduct on-site training to provide more information about how to use Incident Reporter. Click here for more information.

  • Ongoing & Immediate Support

    Get software support through Live Chat, Phone, E-mail, and Webinars.

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